Join us for a 1-2 day crash course in badassery. Learn to pick a lock, ride a motorcycle,

use a grappling hook a motorcycle, use a grappling hook hotwire a car, and much more!

Use your new skills to win the final-exam live action simulation showdown.


— a weekend crash course and competition where you'll learn to pick locks, hotwire cars, scale walls, ride a motorcycle, launch a grappling hook, and become an action hero in a weekend. Use your new action movie skills to win a live-simulation showdown against your opponents and other frightful foes (let’s just say they’re dead set on winning)

It’s Grand Theft Auto meets The Walking Dead — and it all happens in two days. Enter your email to be the first one enrolled … and the last one standing.

Become an action hero in a weekend. A two-day crash course and competition in lock-picking, motorcycle-riding and other renegade skills. Also, zombies.

"Apocalypse Camp was the craziest day of my life"
-Jack Bauer
"Apocalypse Camp was too insane for our city"
-Commissioner Gordon (Gotham PD)